Book Recommendations for Curious Economics Students

This is easier than sending emails.

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My aim each semester is to inspire students to continue exploring economics. If I’ve accomplished that goal, I consider the semester a success.

One way I can measure success is by the number of students who request further readings. Each semester, a handful ask for more information on the Fed, behavioral economics, or several other economic topics.

Over the years, I’ve added to a list of books I’ve read that I recommend. You can find many of the books below and more on Jadrian Wooten’s Top Popular Press Books for Economics Students. Along with his coauthor, Jared McEntaffer, Wooten reached out to faculty and “received responses from 117 different individuals who recommended 150+ books.” They then reported the top 10. His list is excellent, and I continually send out his link along with the other books mentioned below. Instead of emailing each student individually, I’ve decided to create this article for efficiency.

The above is just a small number of excellent books available to the curious economic student. If you have additional readings you think should be included, please drop them in the comments. I plan to continually update this article to reflect more recently published books in this space.

The links above are Amazon affiliate links. If you order through the links above, I will receive a very-small payout. These earnings go towards keeping my websites updated and current.

An alternate option is to order through and support your local bookstore.

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